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FASD Training for Criminal Justice Practitioners

The Florida Center for Early Childhood

This webinar will focus on a short history and explanation related to the overall spectrum attributed to fetal alcohol disorders. It will touch briefly upon recognition of 'red flags' and will touch upon what is considered and necessary in relation to a diagnosis. Focusing on how impactful FASD is on the justice system as a whole, and what tends to differentiate FASD from other intellectual disabilities, tips of the trade and considerations related to policing, corrections, the courts, and probation/parole will be introduced with a heavy emphasis on recommendations of the American Bar Association (ABA) stemming from their standing resolution in regard to Fetal Alcohol. 

CLE Credits from The Florida Bar Association: General 2.5. Mental Health and Wellness 2.5; Certification Credits: Criminal Appellate Law 2.5, Criminal Trial Law

  • May 10, 2024
  • 12:00 pm EDT
  • Captain Brian Holloman 

  • Free Admission


FASD Training for Criminal Justice Practitioners

An Introduction to Understanding FASD and Recommendations for Criminal Justice Considerations

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Captain Brian Holloman 

Patrol Division Commander, Elkhart Sheriff’s Office 

Captain Holloman has been with the Elkhart County Sheriff’s Office (ECSO) since March of 1995. He has certifications in internal affairs, CALEA/APCO accreditation management, field training, traffic crash reconstruction, computer forensics, crime analysis, and homicide investigations. He holds a Master of Criminal Justice degree from Boston University and his undergraduate studies were completed at Ball State University where he obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice & Criminology. For fifteen (15) years, he was an adjunct faculty member in the Criminal Justice Department at Indiana Tech

On a personal note, Captain Holloman is the father of a son who is on the fetal alcohol spectrum and as a result he is passionate about the need to educate others about the supports necessary for those on the spectrum to have the ability to succeed in life. By recognizing the needs of those on the spectrum, through both personal and professional experiences, Captain Holloman seeks out ways to educate those willing to listen on what an affected person needs and why so that the lessons he and his son had to learn over the course of fifteen undiagnosed years can be used in the hopes of improving the life potential of others like his son.

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