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Advancing Real Change, Inc. released a new ten-year strategic plan!

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  • Community Events, Webinars

    Dealing With Death While Trying to Save a Life: A Conversation

    In the unique and challenging field of capital defense, our dual role encompasses fighting for our clients' lives while also facing the reality that death—whether due to natural causes, illness, or state action—may be an outcome. This complex reality raises profound questions that require examination. Join us as we delve into a community discussion designed to provide a supportive space for capital defense teams to discuss strategies and questions including the following: How do we prepare for a client's death?  How can we help our clients,  teams, and importantly, ourselves prepare for the inevitable while holding onto and working for life?  What do you need to know to help live in this dichotomy? What skills are you searching for?

  • Conference

    2024 Jacksonville Conference – Mitigation: Upholding Principles of Justice Through Advocacy

    ARC, Inc. provides this and other trainings at no cost to current and prospective defense practitioners. We do this to eliminate as many barriers to high-quality mitigation training as possible. Although the training is free, attendees are responsible for costs associated with participation such as travel, meals, and accommodations. To see the agenda, click the link below.

      • March 12, 2024
      • 1:00 pm EDT
      • Rita Radostitz and Constance Sheehan

      • Free Admission

      • April 10, 2024 - April 12, 2024
      • The Jessie Ball Dupont Center 40 E Adams St. Jacksonville FL
      • 9:00 am EDT
      • Dr. Alisha Ali
        Amy Vosburg-Casey
        Amy Williams
        Blake Johnson
        Constance Sheehan
        Dr. Elizabeth Vartkessian
        Emily Paavola
        Grace O’Connor
        Dr. Jen Newton and
        Dr. Khalilah Robinson Johnson
        Kristen Samuels
        Nayeli Moreno
        Rita Radostitz
        Robin Maher
        Salima Pirmohamed
        Sarah Morris
        Sonali Shahi
      • Free Admission

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