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Advancing Real Change, Inc. released a new ten-year strategic plan!

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Towards a more just criminal legal system

The mission of Advancing Real Change, Inc. is to create a more just world by advancing empathy, dignity, and equity within and beyond the criminal legal system. Your support makes our work possible.

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What We Do

Our criminal legal system too often reduces individuals accused of crimes to their worst actions. Their redeeming qualities, the community that loves them, and the experiences that brought them into contact with the legal system are ignored, frequently resulting in extreme and inhumane sentences. Advancing Real Change, Inc., works towards a more just and humane criminal legal system by unearthing the life histories of people facing extreme sentences so that true, accurate, and detailed information about their lives can be shared with the judges, juries, and prosecutors who decide their fates.

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Community Events, Webinars

Dealing With Death While Trying to Save a Life: A Conversation

In the unique and challenging field of capital defense, our dual role encompasses fighting for our clients' lives while also…

  • March 12
  • 1:00 pm EDT
  • Rita Radostitz and Constance Sheehan

Ask a Mitigation Specialist

Ask a Mitigation Specialist – March 20th

Ask a Mitigation Specialist, a pilot resource program that allows defenders to meet directly and privately with a mitigation specialist…

  • March 20
  • 3:00 pm EDT

2024 Jacksonville Conference – Mitigation: Upholding Principles of Justice Through Advocacy

ARC, Inc. provides this and other trainings at no cost to current and prospective defense practitioners. We do this to eliminate…

  • April 10
  • 9:00 am EDT
  • Dr. Alisha Ali
    Amy Vosburg-Casey
    Amy Williams
    Blake Johnson
    Constance Sheehan
    Dr. Elizabeth Vartkessian
    Emily Paavola
    Grace O’Connor
    Dr. Jen Newton and
    Dr. Khalilah Robinson Johnson
    Kristen Samuels
    Nayeli Moreno
    Rita Radostitz
    Robin Maher
    Salima Pirmohamed
    Sarah Morris
    Sonali Shahi

Towards a More Just World: Ten-Year Strategic Plan

A new strategic plan for Advancing Real Change, Inc. to guide the organization for the next ten years.

  • Published August 10, 2023
  • I’m new to the field, so being able to talk to an experienced veteran was great. I felt supported.”

    Ask a Mitigation Specialist Participant, 2022
  • Thank you so much to the ARC team…. I feel like I now have the tools to really do my job.

    Narrative workshop participant

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